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WRG has both technical and regulatory experience in resolving the complex issues associated with the myriad of wetland regulations. Initially, our experts determine whether a property contains wetlands or other areas that may be regulated by federal, state and/or county laws. As appropriate we will provide an opinion of the potential constraints that the wetlands may impose on the development or sale of the property.

For the past 20 years the professionals at WRG have been providing clients with high quality, cost-effective, multidisciplinary consulting services to their ecological, natural resource and environmental project issues from a business point-of-view.

We are client consultants. Our job is not only to develop the best possible approach to environmental issues encountered but, to also understand and appreciate all the business forces which can surround and impact a project from the client’s perspective. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to understand each client’s project goals and objectives thereby allowing us to address underlying environmental issues or concerns and provide project based solutions in a timely matter thereby keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Today there is a greater emphasis on sustainability, ecological preservation and restoration and more effective use of our natural resources. WRG has worked with numerous development professionals in project planning which promotes the protection of the natural resource while meeting the project objectives.

About WRG

WRG is a leading development consulting firm specializing in Environmental, Ecological, Engineering and Technology Services. We bring innovative offerings to clients and a wealth of knowledge regarding the governing rules and regulations of local, state and federal agencies. WRG is committed to provide creative, effective and timely solutions to the challenging situations many developers are facing today.